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Metallix Reviews: Brendon Small’s Galaktikon

Better late than never if you ask me.  I may as well introduce myself before I dive into this album for all you curious people.

I am Metallix, you may or may not have seen me around in the room.  But if you don’t know me, now you do.  I love everything that goes into the Rock/Metal genre, even the most unique or ridiculous sounding stuff.  That said, I may love it, but it doesn’t mean every album is perfect, and dissecting music is what I do.  And that is why I’m here.  To give you all a little preview or hint as to what album is worth your time.

Now that introductions are out of the way, I will go ahead and start on this review, of Brendon Small’s debut solo album, “Galaktikon.”  

Some of you may know the name Brendon Small.  If you do, you will most likely know him as a cartoonist for Adult Swim shows like Home Movies, or more famously, Metalocalypse.  That’s where I and a good 75% of people know him from.   He is the man behind what is currently, the best selling Death Metal Band of all time, virtual or not, Dethklok.  And the fact that I am buying albums from him says something since a lot of Death Metal I hear is rather obnoxious and unorganized (Exhibit A: Cannibal Corpse).

Strangely, Galaktikon ventures out of the familiar Death Metal territory Small is more known for, and ventures more into a melodic, thrash sound.  The album is full of exciting riffs, beats, and story.  Yes.  Story.  The album in Brendon’s words, is almost like an audio comic book, and well, I gotta agree with him.  It totally is like a Metal comic book, and it is one he would write too.

The album opens strong.  And personal experience shows that as I was literally almost pushing 35 mph on my bicycle to the ending of the album’s opener, Triton.  The opening of this album already gets  you re-acquainted with Brendon Small’s technique behind the guitar.  His galloping riffs, bridge melodies, and well, just the all feel for his music when he is behind that guitar.  I don’t know what else to call it.  The energy to the ending of Triton is just….unbelievable.  The frustration of our comic book character, to the double kick of Gene’s bass drums really gets me going.  And the album closes with just as much energy and perhaps even still a little frustration as our hero parts ways with his love (I’ll let you discover the whole story).  But sadly…as far as energy is concerned, the opener and closer are the peaks of it.  

That’s the downside with this album.  It has huge potential to be energetic in a lot of areas, but after track two (which still lingers in some energy), the album just kinda slows like a car on gas.  The music doesn’t necessarily go bad, but the vocals tend to get quieter (in “Beastblade,” there are parts where the guitar almost drowns out Brendon’s vocals), the riffs can get a little repetitive, and I won’t deny, that sometimes the music can just drain YOUR energy (You Can’t Run Away“‘s chorus will kinda do that).

Now that’s not to say that only tracks one and nine are good.  But I will say that the middle of the album definitely is not the peak either.  I like to think of this album almost like one would a skateboard half-pipe.  You start high, go down, then get high again.  The album’s energy starts to make a return with track seven.  And I will not deny that track eight’s instrumental, is nothing short of shredding melodic beauty, and is perfect to open up the album’s closer.

The lack of energy was the one thing that bugged me on this album.  But other than that, I would say that Brendon Small, already backed with two albums worth of experience, has given us a real gem of a debut as far as his solo career is concerned.  And Brendon is keeping busy, with a potential Dethalbum III coming out this year presumably.  Yes.  Dethalbum III. And yes, I am stoked for that after Season three’s music.  But alas, until that comes, I will settle for night bike rides to Galaktiknon.  It’s not Dethklok, but it’s not  bad.  I’d say give it a listen whenever Nathan Explosion (the DJ not the singer), or I decide to give it a spin.

Brendon Small - Brendon Small’s Galaktikon Rating: 8/10

Notable Tracks:


-Arena War of the Immortal Masters

-On My Way


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We can’t both become the same pawn that’s made to fall
Oil that tastes like blood stole the summer scent
From me to you you’re stabbing me through you
You’re stabbing you through him and betting most of this world
We’ll add enough of the world
This world, we’ll add enough of the world
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